Ethos Bright Eyes Cataract Eye Drops for Dogs, Pets & Wildlife

As an animal ages just like humans, he or she can suffer from poorer vision just as you might. A good diet and healthy supplements all play a role in overall health and that applies to your eyes as well. Ethos Natural Health, Endymion Bright Eyes for Pets has few equals. Its advanced formulation will improve vision and the quality of life for your dog or pet.

You obviously want what is best for your pets and as they age, they are as prone to health problems as you are. Those problems include their eyes, and they will sometimes struggle to fight off free radicals that cause oxidative stress. The lens of the eye is effectively a shield to the retina, so the environment within the cells that is highly oxidised is a potential problem. Free radicals are destructive and regularly damage or destroy the enzymes needed to maintain cellular metabolism. As blood flow decreases with age, eyes receive less of the essential nutrients your pet needs.

Bright Eyes Pets Eye Drops is a formulation to treat cataracts in your pets. Its main ingredient is an antioxidant which occurs naturally, N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine. It helps to protect your eyes from bright sunlight, dust, general eye lens damage from scratching, household chemicals and a smoker human environment.

The Range of Benefits using Cataract Eye Drops for Pets include; -

  • Avoid expensive vet's bills
  • Safe to use on animals with an underlying health condition
  • Ideal for dogs and pets in later years of life
  • Painless treatment for your pet in every case
  • Surgery becomes unnecessary thereby removing any stress for you and your pet
  • The natural ingredients boost eyes as they prevent problems and cure any developing condition
  • Your pet's vision will get a real boost
  • Improves the quality of life of your pet


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