Ethos Heavenly Eye Drops for Infections and Conjunctivitis

Having an eye infection or conjunctivitis is easy to detect because of the pinkness in the eye and sufferers feel irritation. Eyes can look sore and even swollen. Heavenly Eyes is an eyedrop product developed in Switzerland that you can use yourself or apply to your child's eyes to combat conjunctivitis and other eye infections caused by a virus or germ.

These eye drops counter any infection that causes irritation and soreness and reduce inflammation in the whites of the eyes. Our eye drops ensure that your eyes are clean and the benefits of that are enormous.

The pandemic in 2020 has led to medical advice which advises against touching your eyes which we all know is so tempting, especially when we are tired. It is now more important than ever to wash our hands thoroughly after being at work, out shopping or visiting friends' homes.

Children who are suffering from conjunctivitis, which is commonly referred to as pink eye, can spread the infection around a nursery or classroom so easily as they are often touching their eyes and face. Whilst it is not exclusively something that children catch; they are amongst the most vulnerable group.

Heavenly Eye drops is an eye solution lubricant to treat and prevent further conjunctivitis, infections and viruses caused by allergies of foreign bodies and highly contagious airborne germs that can be spread through touching your eyes, sneezing and coughing.

There are several reasons why you can contract conjunctivitis or any eye infection

  • The common cold and other viruses can lead to pink eye and just as you can spread a cold, you can spread conjunctivitis.
  • Dust, dirt, or smoke in the air which are common in some working environments as well as busy towns and cities are a good breeding ground for conjunctivitis. Sometimes there is little you can do to avoid such environments, all the more reason for keeping your eyes clean.
  • Allergies can cause conjunctivitis. They may involve everyday products like a particular brand of soap or shampoo.
  • Bacteria which can come in many forms.

Your eyes are precious, and it goes without saying that regular eyes checks are important. Conjunctivitis is one of the least dangerous diseases of the eye but that does not mean you should ignore it. It will go away in most cases, but you will be uncomfortable during its presence. Ethos Heavenly Eye Drops can ease the condition but using it regularly anyway is a sensible preventative measure.

You just have to follow the instructions for use that you will find with your purchase and your eyes will be healthy. The ingredients include a lubricant and antioxidant as well as antibiotics which do not solve the problem by themselves, hence the recommendation for Heavenly Eyes.

Directions on Use

  • The suggested use of the eye drops is to apply 1 to 2 drops in each eye daily. Do not exceed over 5-6 Drops in one eye a day
  • Each Ethos Sealed Box Contains 2 x 0.17 fl oz/ 5 ml vials 10ml
  • Use only as directed - Always read the instructions
  • Unopened or opened vials should be stored chilled in the dark or refrigerator and out of reach of children

Ingredients of Heavenly Eyes

  • Chloramphenicol which is an antibiotic prescribed to counter bacteria
  • N-Acetyl Carnosine is a naturally occurring antioxidant
  • Glycerin is a lubricant
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is another lubricant with a variety of other healthy properties

The great success of our eye drops for 21 years in a very competitive eye drop market, confirms that consumers have become increasingly aware of the effectiveness of quality eye drops. Heavenly Ethos Eye Drops are Manufactured and Distributed by Ethos Schweitz LLC, Switzerland and are a very advanced eye formulation product, containing antibacterial lubricants, vitamins and N-Acetyl-Carnosine which also act as a powerful super antioxidant.


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