Heavenly Ethos Eye Drops for Computer & Vision Syndrome

Ethos Heavenly Eyes Eye Drops for Digital Vision (DVS) and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is relatively new on the market. It has been developed by a company with 21 years of experience in manufacturing high quality, advanced formula products to naturally maintain the good health of your eyes. Something as seemingly harmless as eye strain is best avoided, and sometimes it requires more than just rest.

Eye strain is not solely down to spending hours on your smartphone or in front of a computer screen, but they can both play a part. Even youngsters have their own smartphones and whether they are playing video games, texting friends, or sending emails, they are a captive audience. This behaviour is not confined to the younger generation, so everyone needs to consider whether there is any negative effect. Some claim the art of conversation is dying but that is an exaggeration. In any event, a product like Heavenly Eyes Eye Drops for DVS provides an easy to apply solution to maintaining the good health of your eyes.

It is easy to take good eyesight for granted but try to imagine if you began to struggle to see things clearly. Temporary blurred vision can be a symptom of eye strain, watery eyes and unpleasant headaches regularly occur as well. Those spending many hours in front of a computer screen need to take regular breaks. They should also have regular eye checks. In fact, that is something that everyone should remember to arrange. Heavenly Eyes Eye Drops can certainly help you, even if you have no current vision problems.

Heavenly Eyes Eye Drops can certainly help you, even if you have no current vision problem, do not take your eyes for granted whilst you are spending plenty of time on your mobile phone, texting friends, playing video games, and enjoying all the things that the internet has opened on smart phones and computers.

Ingredients for Sterile Lubricant Eye Drops for Digital Vision & Computer Vision Syndrome

  • Aqua
  • N-Acetyl Carnosine is a naturally occurring antioxidant
  • Glycerin is a lubricant
  • Hydroxypropil methylcellulose is another lubricant with a variety of other healthy properties
  • Vitamin B, Sterile Water and Boric Acid

How to use

Each Heavenly Eyes Eye Drops for DVS box has 2 x 5ml bottles. You just need to apply a drop or two to each eye as you require them. A bottle will last several weeks, even if you apply the drops a few times a day. Simply follow the instructions and remember these drops are for external use only.

You should have your eyesight checked regularly anyway, whether you have a problem or not. Likewise, Ethos Heavenly Eyes is a great natural product to use regularly to keep your eyes clean and in a good condition.

Even the mildest of eye problems is a concern. Vision is an essential part of quality of life and anything that might harm your vision is a matter of great concern.

Ethos Heavenly Eye Drops is an eye solution lubricant for instant relief for digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome from computer screens, phones, gaming and other devices that may cause eye damage.

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Customer Testimonials

Arthur, Lichfield

I have been working from home and spend my day in front of my computer. I began to have headaches at the end of the day and had trouble with focusing at night. I wondered whether it was because of my looking at a screen all day. I heard about this my Ethos product from a friend and gave it a try. I'm much more comfortable now and no longer worried that my eyesight is failing. Just need to get out of lockdown now.

Johan, Utrecht

I am addicted to video games and know I am spending much time looking at my smart phone. It is not easy to be looking at a small screen when your eyes are not good. I have been using Ethos eye drops to keep my eyes clean before and read about this new product. I have given it a try and am very pleased

Marie, Cork

My optician asked me what my typical day was when I told her I was getting headaches and blurred vision. When I said I worked on a computer screen she asked me how often I take a break. She was concerned when I said I only took a couple of breaks in the day because we ere very busy. She stressed the importance of looking after my eyes, keeping them clean and giving them a rest. She hasn't changed my prescription but I've done some research on eye care and found this new product from Ethos to help avoid straining my eyes as well as keeping them clean. Job done!

Julie, Hartlepool

Thanks Ethos. These new drops have done wonders for me. My vision isn't going blurred anymore even after playing computer games for an hour.

Ulf, Bergen

I am using Ethos eyedrops every day. They are keeping my eyes clean and healthy. So easy to use too.

Katie, Leicester

I have had problems with my eyes since I was very young. First, I had a squint and had to wear those ugly National Health glasses. The squint went in a couple of years but my eyesight was not as good as some of my friends. As I got to middle age, I seemed to be having eye problems all the time. I decided to go on the internet and see if there was something I could do to help myself. I found Ethos and decided to do more to help myself by using eye drops. This new product is what I am using now and I am very happy with it.

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