Ethos Bright Eyes NAC Cataract Eye Drops

Ethos Natural Health Bright Eyes NAC Eye Drops have few equals. They continue to be the leading product on the market since 2000. They work by shrinking the cataracts to improve vision which would otherwise require surgery. Even simple surgery is expensive and invasive, remember.

As waiting lists grow for operations due to the pandemic our eye drops are a safe alternative to protect your vision and a better quality of life for you or a relative. Bright Eyes Ethos cataract drops contains the super antioxidant N-Acetyl-Carnosine as well as lubricants and vitamins. It was a brand leader when it was launched and that remains the case. The results from its coverage on UK primetime Richard & Judy Show speak for themselves.

Some people are complacent when it comes to the health of their eyes. That is a mistake. Vision problems are more likely at middle age and beyond, but not exclusively so. In the USA, supposedly the most advanced society in the world, over 20 million of its citizens suffer from cataracts which can ultimately lead to blindness. Just think about the surgery costs involved in solving that problem. Bright Eyes is an excellent alternative!

Your Questions and Answers on Cataracts

Do I have cataracts?

If your vision becomes blurred and colours don't seem to be as distinct, you could be starting to develop cataracts. Maybe you start to get double vision and focusing becomes more difficult? If you are driving at night, do headlights seem to be stronger than they used to be? Perhaps you find difficulty reading small print and details on your computer screen? Each of these examples can be a symptom of cataracts.

Are there risks with cataract surgery?

We highly recommend cataract surgery, while surgery for cataracts is commonplace, any procedure comes with a risk, and surgery can be expensive. If you have cataracts in both eyes, it is common practice to undergo two separate operations in case something goes wrong. The consequence of something going wrong with both eyes treated at the same time is blindness so even professionals recognize a slight risk.

What are the causes of cataracts?

Cataracts occur when the lens within the eye becomes cloudy. The cause is the proteins that produce the lens malfunction. Ultimately, cataracts can lead to blindness. It is a particular problem for those who suffer from diabetes because of sugar being infused into the lens.

How can I treat my cataracts?

Ethos Schweitz LLC Eye Drops have developed an easy to use and effective answer to the onset of cataracts in the comfort of your own home. Follow the instructions which come with the eye drops as well as leading a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, eating healthily, quitting smoking and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Taking this advice may help you have healthier eyes and a more pleasant life.

When will my eyes improve using cataract drops?

You will notice your eyesight improves within days. But you need to follow our guidance whilst maintaining a diet high in antioxidants.

Each box comes with 2 x 5ml bottles. If you are treating both eyes, apply one drop into each eye each hour in the day, effectively 6- 7 drops each day. One box will last the whole week for both eyes. A full course of treatment that we recommend will last 6 - 8 weeks. That is because of the time it is likely to take to dissolve/shrink a cataract. It may take longer if the cataract is mature but similarly less if the cataract is less severe.

More Information on Ethos Eye Drops

  • 100% hypoallergenic and 100% Sterile
  • Our eye drops have no animal ingredients and can be used by vegetarians and vegans
  • Bright Eyes is completely safe for both humans and animals
  • Safe & suitable for those suffering from diabetes and is compatible with all drugs that sufferers may also be taking to combat their condition
  • Bright Eyes drops may be safely used by people wearing both hard and soft contact lens

Using Ethos Bright Eyes NAC Eye Drops will address a whole range of eye conditions:

  • Cataracts
  • Intraocular Pressure Associated with Glaucoma
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  • Vitreous Opacities and Lesions
  • Computer Vision Syndrome
  • Contact Lens Disorders
  • Ocular Inflammation
  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Corneal Disorders
  • Chronic Eye Strain
  • Retinal disease
  • Blurred vision
  • Presbyopia
  • Floaters

With the help of Ethos Natural Health, If you have any concerns about your vision please do not hesitate in contacting us. Our customer service and advice on any eye problems is free of charge and a pleasure to help you.

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