New-Vision Ethos Re-Vital Eyes Lubrication Eye Drops

Ethos Re-Vital Eyes Lubrication eye drops help ageing, tired and problem eyes to recover by improving the clarity, glare sensitivity, colour perception, disability glare, halo, diabetic retinopathy and the overall treatment of visual impairment for all ages and genders.

Our self-administer Re-Vital natural eye drops are formulated to restore any imbalance in your eyes, whatever the vision condition you may be suffering from.

You or a friend/family member should have regular eye tests and listen to what your ophthalmologist eye doctor tells you. We can only suggest our natural alternative as an answer to your eye issues and other health problems. We have been trading for 21 years and Ethos Re-vital eyes has always been one of our top selling products.

All the human senses are important and together they make up what we all are. Each sense plays a role in everyday life. If we had to choose one, there is a strong case that life without our eyes would be difficult. The importance of maintaining our eyes and hence good vision, should never be underestimated.

Eyes can get tired and strained without them actually suffering from disease. Our product will ease this problem. If you suffer from any irritations due to using contact lenses, being exposed to bright light or dust in the air, Ethos is the remedy for each of these things and more.

Who is Ethos Natural Health and why can it make such claims?

For two decades, Ethos has been providing healthy and natural solutions to clients who are concerned about their health. That includes something that is too precious to put in jeopardy, eyes and therefore logically also vision.

Ethos Schweitz LLC in Switzerland is the manufacturer of eye drops that combined with a healthy diet and exercise are formulated to keep you fit and healthy in body as well as eyes. The formulation includes antioxidants and lubricants which are essential in maintaining the health of your eyes, and supplementary boosts that produced naturally obviously make sense.

As we age, our body does not produce the quantity of antioxidants needed, hence supplements become even more important. Testimonials cover all the years since Ethos launched its natural health products to support the claims that Ethos make.

There are several eye diseases but even more lesser important conditions that you should not ignore: -

Ethos Eye Drops will address:

Tired or strained eyes can be a result of a number of things. What is certain is that they will need rest and some soothing before you and your eyes will feel better. Ethos Natural Health Eye Drops will help in that process.

Irritation due to contact lenses etc., is natural. Anything that comes to rest on your eye is not there naturally. You should get used to contact lenses, but irritation can come from other sources as well. Ethos Heaven is your answer to solve the discomfort that irritations cause.

Other Eye Problems for which Re-vital Drops will provide an answer are:

  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eye symptoms
  • Bright light issues
  • "Burning" eyes
  • Wind and dust irritations
  • Lesions
  • Inflammation
  • Vitreous opacities/Floaters
  • Retinal disease

The recommended dosage of RV Eyes Eye Drops is one to two drops in each eye, a couple of times each day. For those who think their problems may be more serious, apply two to three drops at least twice a day in each affected eye. For those more serious problems, the product must be applied regularly for at least four to six months or more. You can reduce the dose once you feel an improvement if you wish.

Please note: Contact lenses should be removed prior to inserting the drops.


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