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Glaucoma is more common in people over the age of 50, but younger people can be affected as well. Remember, damage is difficult to reverse. It is the second cause of blindness worldwide and nicknamed 'the sneak thief of vision'.

One of the problems with Glaucoma is that it is often not diagnosed until it has reached an advanced stage. For that reason alone, everyone should have regular eye tests, ideally twice a year and also due to the fact that it may take years, unnoticed, to deprive people of their sight and by then it can be too late to treat.

The first signs can be poor peripheral vision and that can gradually increase. It is a sign of impending nerve damage which is difficult to reverse. Indeed, permanent nerve damage to the optic nerve will result in deteriorating sight and blindness.

There are a number of diseases of the optic nerve, glaucoma being one, which involve the loss of retinal ganglion cells in a characteristic pattern of optic neuropathy. Increased intraocular pressure, typically something more than 21mmHg, brings with it the risk of the development of glaucoma. A normal reading is13mmHg. It is possible to develop nerve damage closer to the normal pressure and similarly others can live with high eye pressure for a long time and never suffer any damage.

Glaucoma comes in two main forms

  • 'closed angle' or acute glaucoma. This progresses slowly, hence the 'sneak thief of vision' nickname
  • 'open angle' or chronic glaucoma and angle closure. This can appear suddenly with side effects including bad headaches

Bright Eyes Ingredients

  • N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC), an antioxidant - 1.0%
  • The lubricant, Glycerin - 1.0%
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose Sodium - another lubricant
  • 0.15% Sterile Water (ophthalmic grade isotonic solution, pH 6.3 to 6.5)
  • Boric Acid, Citric Acid and Potassium Bicarbonate Purified Benzyl Alcohol as a preservative

Bright Eyes Eye Drops for Glaucoma are safe with any other prescription medication. You need to leave 30 minutes between applying different drops.

Daily Recommended Usage - Glaucoma Eye Drops

Each box contains 2 x 5ml bottles and that should last you a week for both eyes. The recommended full course of treatment is 6 boxes to start which should last six weeks. 80% of users report impressive results within that time frame for improvement of vision. Then one box a week as maintenance using 1-2 drops daily.

  • You should apply Bright Eyes up to 7 times per day to any affected eye for 6-8 weeks
  • Apply just need a single drop each time
  • Lie down and put your head back to apply the drops or ask a family member to administer as this certainly helps avoid any wastage

Don't lose your sight though ignorance. Once lost, the damaged visual field can be very hard to recover. Glaucoma affects one in 1 in 200 people aged fifty and younger, and one in ten people over the age of 79.


Customer Testimonials

Edith Smith, Worcester

My eyes have been poor all my life. Now I am a pensioner I have more time to read but I now need very strong glasses. It means a regular eye test and at the last one, my optician frowned and said she could see the first signs of glaucoma which she would have to monitor regularly. I did not really fully understand what that meant but even I know how to use the internet and did some research. Once I understood more about glaucoma I looked for things that I could do to help. I found Bright Eyes and thought why not? When I went for my latest test my optician was a little surprised but happy that my eyes seemed to have improved. I will be going back again but I will also be continuing to take Bright Eyes.

Greta Freiburg, Hamburg

It is very expensive to be going for surgery in Germany so I am thinking that when there is a better way I should take it. My problem is that I was starting to have glaucoma in my left eye and it needed an answer. I heard from my friend that something called Bright Eyes drops my be a help so I tried them. At the present, my eyes are better than before my doctor is saying. For now I am forgetting surgery and taking Bright Eyes. They are working up to today and I hope they will keep working.

Kylie, Ireland

Lots of people in my family have had glaucoma over the past years so it's something that as a family we are quite aware of. Most of us have managed to catch it early, only one person didn't and now have permanently damaged eyes; a lesson we have all learnt from.

I go to my optician every 3 months because of this just to be safe and low and behold on my last appointment it was my turn for glaucoma. I was told that it was in the very early on stages and therefore easy to treat with no lasting damage. Because of the family history, it was suggested that I use laser surgery as my first option to remove all traces of the disease quickly. However other family members have chosen this option and although it worked wonderfully for some, others have had complications meaning swelling for a prolonged time and infection. Because of my job I was no prepared to risk having aftercare problems if I could use a different option. That is when I decided to use bright eye drops for glaucoma. Again this method of eye drops had been tried and tested by people in the family with great success. I was prescribed eye drops but it worked out cheaper for me to buy bright eyes drops instead of the prescription drops.

I have been using the drops now for approximately 2 and a half months and I have an eye test booked in 2 weeks when my optician will determine how well they are working. However from my point of view they are working very well. The strange sight in the corner and sides of my eyes that I was experiencing has nearly disappeared completely and in general my eyes feel a lot sharper. I will be continuing to use these drops and also recommending them as a cheaper alternative to any future members of the family that encounter glaucoma.

Robert, Linkwater New Zealand

So much cheaper to buy bright eyes eye drops for glaucoma than what my doctor suggested!! Don't fall for the industries inflated prices!!

Joanne, Canada

My mum was left partially blind from glaucoma so ive always been on the look out for it. We found it early on with me so it was easily treated and I used Bright Eyes Eyedrops for Glaucoma. No problems, worked well and easy to put in.

Jamie, Port Douglas

I used bright eyes eye drops for glaucoma for about 3 months and it worked out about three quarters of the price I would have paid if I had gone through the optician for eyedrops.

Gary, Ireland

My father has been using the brighteye drops for glaucoma for a while now and just loves them 1 because they work and 2 because he has sensitive eyes and they don't sting or hurt at all.

Sandra Black - Loa Angeles, USA

Thank you for recommending the Ethos Eye drops for Glaucoma and Ethos Health L-Carnosine for my glaucoma. AFTER increasing the dosage to 6 drops a day and 1 gramme of L-carnosine for 14 days my eye pressure was lowered to 16 from 22. My goal is to reach 14.

Margaret Hawkins - Perth, Australia

I just wanted to say thank you for offering Glaucoma eye drops from ethos health. These make such a difference on my eyes after using the first box 2x 5ml bottles. I don't see how I ever went without using them before. I'm 44 and have had glaucoma my entire life, so eye drops have always been a part of it. Your ethos drops work better than I could have dreamed.

David Rivenell, Stockport UK

Just wanted to say a big thank you! I wanted to tell you I just saw my eye m.d. he was astounded by my vision improvement - from 20/40 to 20/20 in 1 eye and 20/25 in the other - this is a direct quote (and he doesn't astonish easily) - whatever you are doing keep on doing it. And my eye pressures were 10 and 11. I've been doing 6 drops of eye drops for glaucoma daily and plan to reduce the amount as my vision improves. The shipping of my packages are perfect, always recorded delivery within 2 days of ordering. One box even went missing but ethos natural health team replaced without a fuss. Fantastic services keep it up!!

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