Eye Drops for Dogs, Cats and Animals with Eye Infections

Your pet is susceptible to the same diseases of the eye that you are. That means the viruses and bacteria that you may experience as just as likely to hit your pet. If your pet roams outside, example a cat that likes to explore the neighbourhood, the chances of problems increase. Clean eyes are important in avoiding irritations, strains and swollen blood vessels.

Ethos Eye Drops for Pets were designed to fight viruses, bacteria etc., using a natural formulation that has a track record of success over two decades. Castor oil, N-Acet and a lubricant, Glycerin are the ingredients that will naturally keep your pet's eyes in top condition, namely clean.

It is upsetting to see your pet in pain of any kind and we are delighted that our naturally formulated eye drops will solve the problem of that pain and irritation.

Use Ethos Anti -Bacterial Eye Drops for Pets for:

  • Eye infections affecting all mammals, including cats and dogs
  • Combatting inflammation
  • The problems of red and pink eye
  • Easing Conjunctivitis
  • Lubricating dry eyes
  • Eye Sensitivity

Ethos Bright Eyes NAC Cataract Drops for Dogs & Pets is the preferred product if your pet has either glaucoma or cataracts.

Ingredients per 5ml in a saline solution:

  • Castor Oil 100% - Organic and cold pressed Castor Oil (2ml.)
  • 1 ml. of N-Acet
  • Glycerin to act as a lubricant

Recommended Usage:

We suggest a maximum of two treatments per day, 2/3 drops each time. They are perfectly safe and application is easy. They should have an affect within 2/3 days and within a week, the problem should be solved.


Keep away from children. You need to keep them in a cool and dark place but not a refrigerator.


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