Terms and Conditions

1) Web Site Information

1.1 The information on the Web Site is as accurate as possible however we give no warranty in regards to the information presented.

1.2 Any loss, either direct or indirect, which occurs from the reliance or the errors of the information presented on this Web Site are not our liability. We are only liable if death or personal injury arises from our negligence.

2) Description of Products

2.1 The product description on the Web Site is only an estimate and we reserve the right to change the description as long as it does affect the stated performance of the product.

2.2 We reserve the right to correct errors, remove products and change price and availability at any time without notice or liability.

3) Ordering Products

3.1 You can order products from the Web Site through the check-out process.

3.2 A confirmation of the order will be sent to the given email address. The contract between you, the consumer, and us, the seller, is created after this email is sent regardless of whether it is received or not.

4) Payment of Products

4.1 The price you pay will be the same price that was quoted at the time of the order, including tax.

4.2 Delivery is free for all orders worldwide which is stated on the Web Site and at the time of payment.

4.3 Payment occurs once the order is accepted either by credit card (types listed on Web Site at time of order) or PayPal.

4.4 If there is an error with the order or items are mis-placed on our end, we will contact you asking if you would like to cancel the order or notify you that the order was cancelled and any transaction will be refunded. If this happens, we are not obligated to supply you the product at a discounted price.

5) Delivery

5.1 Delivery of products will be delivered to the address given at the check-out process. Estimated delivery cannot be given by us as we use third party service providers to deliver your order.

5.2 If the address given at the check-out process was not given in full enough detail to send the product, we may cancel your order and refund you the price of the product.

6) General

6.1 The products on the Web Site are for consumers only and are not intended for re-sale.

6.2 The Contracts Act 1999 does not apply to the contract between us as the seller and consumer.

6.3 Any contract between us will be under English Law and will include these terms and conditions. Only English Courts will have jurisdiction in the instance of a dispute.

7) Contacting Us

7.1 You can contact us here

8) General Information

Purchasing items from Ethos Natural Health is easy! Browse our website and choose which items you would like to purchase; just select the quantity and click order. You will be redirected to a page which displays your shopping cart with the options to continue shopping or checkout. Click 'Checkout' and fill in your details so that we can correctly process your order.

Before you select your items, you have the option to choose the currency in which you wish to buy, including: US Dollar, Australian Dollar, GBP and Euro. We accept PayPal and credit or debit payment including Visa and Mastercard. It is only safe to enter credit/debit card details on our website as it is secure. Please do not send card details via email or post.

Once the product is ready to be shipped, card payments will be processed. You will be notified if your item has been back ordered with the option to cancel the order with a full refund.

Once we have received your order, an email confirmation is sent to you to confirm this. The confirmation email does not indicate a contract between us, only when the order is accepted and an invoice is sent is the contract between us indicated. This is to protect our right to change mistakes in pricing or remove unavailable items from the website at any time. If there has been a change in the price of your order, we will contact you to ensure the corrected price is acceptable. If it is not, then we can issue a refund.

9) Shipping & Returns

Shipping and Handling - All UK orders are sent by First Class postage. Postage and packaging charges are FREE WORLDWIDE via the Royal Mail in the UK. If you have ordered outside the UK, your order will be passed to ROW Royal Mail to the postal service in your country to be delivered.

Orders outside of the UK - If your order total is under £150.00 GBP, it will be sent FREE OF CHARGE by International Standard (Air Mail). However, if your order total is over £150.00 GDP it will be sent by International Track and Sign also FREE OF CHARGE.

Returns Policy - Refunds will only be given in full providing the items are returned unopened and in their original packaging. They must be returned within 6 weeks of your order date.

Back Orders - In the rare instance that your ordered item is out of stock, an email will be sent to inform you that the item has been back ordered. You also have the option to cancel the order and be refunded in full.

Tax Charges - VAT is included if you are ordering within the UK or the European Union.

Customers Guarantee - Your satisfaction is always guaranteed with us, including the guarantees from our suppliers.

Cookie Policy

To best use the interactive aspect of our Web Site, your device must be able to accept cookies. Whilst it is your choice to accept them, failure to do so may limit your user experience on our Web Site.

These are the cookies your device may receive whilst using our Web Site and how they work:

1) Necessary Cookies - Our Web Site cannot function without these cookies. If they are blocked by your browser, you will not be able to shop. These cookies do not hold personal information.

2) Performance Cookies - These cookies inform us which pages are looked at the most and which are not using anonymous user data. If these are not enabled, we cannot improve the quality of our Web Site for you.

3) Functional Cookies - These cookies help our Web Site to remember small personal details about you from previous visits, such as name and address. These are not necessary to be enabled but limits the quality of our service to you.

4) Targeting Cookies - Advertisements on our Web Site can be personalised to you as these cookies remember your interests through your device and browser. However, they do not store personal information. Without these enabled, advertisements will not be targeted to your interests.

5) Social Media Cookies - Enabling these cookies allows you to share our content with others. Your browser is tracked to build up an idea of your interests which affects the information seen elsewhere online.

6) Managing cookies - If you decide to disable your cookies, please be aware that you will not be able to utilise the full potential of our Web Site. Also, our Web Site has taken steps to protect your privacy. Visit ICO.org or PDPC.gov for more information regarding cookies. To disable cookies, go to Cookie Settings and select disable.

7) Log Files - When you visit any Web Site including our own, impersonal information such as your IP address, dates and time accessed, browsers etc. are collected. By using our website, you are agreeing that this information can be used by us for statistical purposes. We ensure that this information will never be given to third parties.

Legal Disclaimer

The products on this Web Site are to be used as instructed and all information presented should not substitute professional medical advice. These products should not replace treatment given from medical professionals. Before using our products, we suggest you seek medical advice from a health care provider if you have medical conditions.

Important Legal Note - We do not claim to 'treat' or 'cure' any eye condition as only medical professionals can 'treat' medical conditions (in abidance with UK law). The information provided on this Web site is only intended to inform you about our products, based on our own internet research, client feedback and personal knowledge. Whilst we ensure the information is as accurate as possible, we are not liable if any of the information from third parties is inaccurate. None of the information presented on this Web Site is medical advice as we are not medical professionals. The products are only promoted and sold for research and educational purposes.

Privacy Policy

1.The privacy policy pertains to you, the user, and us, the owner of this Web Site. The privacy of your data is of the upmost importance to us. This privacy policy applies to all the data collected by us, from you, when you visit our Web Site.

Please read this privacy policy alongside our Terms and Conditions

2. In this privacy policy,

unless a circumstance needs a different interpretation:

a) Singular and plural explanations to be used interchangeably.

b) References to sub-clauses, clauses, schedules or appendices apply to this privacy policy.

c) References to a person also includes firms, companies, government entities trusts and partnerships.

d) "Including" is meant "including without limitation".

e) Statutory provisions always include the amendments to it.

f) All headings and sub-headings are not included.

3. Definitions in this privacy policy

Data definitions incorporate definitions found in data protection laws. Also any applicable law relating to the processing of personal data, including but not limited to the Directive Protection 96/46/EC (Data Protection Directive) or the GDPR, and any national implementing laws, regulations and Laws secondary legislation, for as long as the GDPR is effective in the UK. GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Cookies are a small text file placed on your computer by this Web Site when you visit certain parts and use certain features of the Website. Details of the cookies used by this Web Site are set out in the section below.

Ethos Natural Health, we or us is a company incorporated in England and Wales as a sole trader at Willow House, Willow Tree way, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 1GE United Kingdom.

UK and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 as amended by the Privacy and EU Cookie Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011.

4. The Law

User or any third party that accesses the Website and is not either employed by us and acting in You the course of their employment or (ii) engaged as a consultant or otherwise providing services to Ethos Natural Health Products and accessing the Website in connection with the provision of such services; and Website

Website that you are currently using, Ethosnaturalhealth.com, and any sub-domains of this site unless expressly excluded by their own terms and conditions.

5. The scope of this privacy policy

This privacy policy only applies to you as the user, and us as the owner of the Web Site. This policy does not extend to any other website that can be assessed through our Site. Under Data Protection Laws, we are the 'data controller' meaning we decide what happens with the data collected from you when you visit our Web Site.

6. Data collected

Some personal data we may collect includes: name, gender and contact information.

The privacy policy is always applied when collecting user data.

We collect data, in accordance with the privacy policy, in the following ways:

a) Data is given to us by you:

- Contacting us through the Web Site e.g., telephone, email or post.

- When you register with us and set up an account

- When you make a payment to us

- Using our services.

b) Data is automatically collected:

- When you visit our Web Site (IP address, date, time and frequency and the way you interacted with the Web Site) to help improve the quality of our services.

- By cookies if enabled by your browser. See the Cookie Policy for more information.

7. Use of data

We need to use your data occasionally to improve the quality of our services. Your data is used in accordance with the privacy policy.

We only use your data for legitimate reasons and if it deems necessary. However, you do have the right to object this - see "Your rights" below.

When you set up an account with us, you are creating a contract between us.

8. Sharing your data

We share your data with employees, agents and professional advisors in order to process payments and send out orders but sharing your data is always in accordance with this privacy policy.

9. Keeping data secure

Your data is always safeguarded using technical and organisational measures:

a) Your account is protected with a unique username and password of your choice

b) Data from our Web Site is store on secure servers

If you suspect a breach in your data, please contact us immediately by email

You can get support from Get Safe Online.

10. Data retention

We only keep your data for as long as necessary to fulfil our purposes outlined in this privacy policy unless a longer retention period is required by law. You can always request to have your data deleted by us however deleted data can still remain on archival media for legal, tax or regulatory reasons.

11. Your rights

In relation to your data, you have the following rights:

a) Right to access - you always have the right to access the information we have of you and also the right to have your data modified at any time. It is free of charge to request this data unless you ask for "manifestly unfounded or excessive". Sometimes we may refuse this request if we are legally permitted to, and we will explain the reasons why.

b) Right to correct - if your data is incorrect, you have the right to correct this.

c) Right to erase - the right to have your data removed at any time.

d) Right to restrict use of data - limit the way we use your data

e) Right to data portability - requesting to move or copy your data

f) Right to object - you can object the use of your data by us for legitimate purposes.

If you wish to use any of your rights above or withdraw your consent to us using your data, please contact us here.

If you are unhappy with our handling of your request you can refer your complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) at here.

Please inform us if any of your data changes as it is very important that the data, we hold of you is correct.

12. Links to other websites

If we link other Web Sites on our page, we have no control over the content of these Web Sites and our privacy policy does not extend to them.

13. Changes of business ownership

If we decide to expand our business, we may sell the control of our products. Your data may also be transferred and used by the new owner under the same conditions we will be using it, always in accordance with this privacy policy.

We may also disclose user data to a prospective buyer of our business but steps will always be taken to protect this data.

14. Cookies

This Web Site uses cookies to improve the interactivity of the website and the overall user experience. We have carefully chosen these cookies to ensure your data is protected at all times. The cookies on this Web Site are in accordance with current UK and EU cookie law.

When you first use our Web Site, you will be shown a message bar asking if you consent to the use of cookies. If you do not give consent to these cookies, the Web Site will not function as intended and you may have difficulties purchasing products from us.

See our "Cookie Policy" for more information about the cookies we use.

By default, most internet browsers use cookies automatically. If you wish to change these, look at the help section of your internet browser. Please make sure your internet browser is up to date.

For more information about cookies and how to delete them please see aboutcookies.org

15. Third Party Cookies

Google Analytics - we use Google Analytics to collect data about our Web Site usage. This data does not include personally identifiable information. You can read the Google privacy policy here.

Tawk.to - This licence cookie enables our installation of Tawk.to, making it possible for visitors to use the Chat feature on this site. It does not collect any personally identifiable information. You can read the Tawk.to privacy policy here.

16. General

You cannot use your rights stated in this privacy policy for anything other than this Web Site. They cannot be transferred to another person. We may transfer our rights if we believe your rights will not be affected.

If any competent authority finds that sections of this privacy policy are invalid and unenforceable, this section will be deleted or modified but it will not affect the rest of the privacy policy.

A delay in exercising a right is not a waiver of that right.

This agreement is in accordance with UK law and any disputes will be under the jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.

17. Changes to privacy policy

We reserve the right to make amendments to this privacy policy whenever we deem necessary or if required by law. You will be notified of any changes and will need to reaccept the terms again the next time you visit our Web Site.

18. Attribution

This privacy policy was created on 28/06/2021.
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