Ethos Elan Vital For Pets

As our four-legged loved friends and part of the family age, they become more prone to illness and debilitating diseases. It's a known fact they have much a shorter life span than humans. BUT, Ethos Natural Heath has this brand new product called Ethos Elan vital which works at the cellular level to promote good health wellness and longevity. In mammals Ignotine naturally occurs but is lost as our pets age, Ethos Elan vital for Pets contains the very purest form Ignotine to replace what is lost to extend overall life expectancy. Ignotine in our bodies and pets will always diminish with age and this is thought to be a major factor to the ageing process.

This is the most advanced designer health supplement for pets currently on the market and contains 99.9% pure Ignotine, scientifically proven to actually rejuvenate cells making our Pets old body cells rejuvenate younger as soon as you pet starts taking it. Simply dissolved in water, its tasteless, colourless and odourless, with a healthy diet you will soon start noticing the difference.

Ignotine is NOT a drug, vitamin or mineral and is safe to take with any other medication. When given as a natural health supplement Ethos natural health Elan vital for pets, protects and extends the functional life of your beloved pet's key body's building blocks, cells, proteins, DNA and Lipids for a maximum healthy life span.

Ethos Elan vital for pets is 100% safe and 100% hypoallergenic - it is naturally occurring in many foods and in the body itself.

Customer Testimonials

James - Scotland

I give my Scottish terrier called Harris a daily dose of Elan Vital to keep him cheerful and healthy. It was recommended by my friend who uses the same thing daily for her dog too.

Kay - USA

One teaspoon a day in bowl of water seems to have helped slow down the process of old age in my dog. She definitely seems to have more energy since using it.

Lucy - Preston UK

My previous dog died of liver disease at age 9. She lived a good life but I was so upset when she passed away and her last few months were so horrible for her. I rescued a new dog 2 years later and because I was scared of the same thing happening I started given my new dog Ethos Elan Vital for pets daily. Not only does it help to keep liver healthy, she also seems to have much more energy and better behaved since taking it.

Peter - Canada

My family cat started to get ill and the vet told us the food he was eating wasn't giving him enough nutrients that he needed so we changed his diet and started giving him Ethos Elan Vital, with a week he had perked up and was on the mend.

William - USA

My little poodle has always been a bit weak. She was the runt of the litter and stayed very small. The vet suggested various multi vitamins and things to give her extra nutrients and vitamins but she was sick every time we gave her a tablet. That's when we found Elan Vital for pets which was a powder so we could put in her food and drink. She took it no problem and we noticed a real difference in her health after just a few weeks of daily use.

Mauren - Finland

Great products, we use the Elan Vital for our cat and dog and they both take it really easy which is a massive bonus. No having to hold them to get a tablet in their mouth makes it less traumatic for everyone.

Tina - USA

My little Bumblebee, a cavalier king Charles, had liver failure but miraculously the vets managed to save her. I wanted to help as much as I could and as I've used Ethos eye drops before I looked at their other products. I found they had the Elan ethos which helps the body repair itself and boost the immune system so that was perfect. My little girl has nearly made a full recovery and is now a little healthy and strong again.

Cory - Guernsey

My German Sheppards arthritis had has a massive improvement after I started giving him Elan Vital by He was getting so bad that he was struggling to walk but now hes able to run and play again.

Linnea - Sweden

Because of old age my dog was getting tired easily, grouchy and not eating. We tried everything we could think of but eventually knew we had to try some sort of product or medicine. We chose Ethos products because they are natural ingredients and the Elan Vital powder because powder is easier to give to them rather than a tablet. Within a couple of days he perked up and his stiffness seemed to wear off. It's great to see him better.

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